Update on my struggles

Hi everyone

Yes I am alive and survived the winter. Barely I might add.I moved to town in Feb.

Very hard move no husband,no one to help me decide if I made the right decision.

Very cold and depressing month. I became a recluse. Did not even type one word for this book.

i have discovered I need to be happy to write , and I am always happy.

I am over my sadness, whether spring , new romance, or time I have no idea.

i am happy again and my creative juices r flowing

Stay tuned and I will let you all know when the publishing begins.

Neleh Fraser


Update on Life out there Author Neleh Frase

Well audience novel is coming along great. Jane,Rad,Stella,Glen oh are they having quite the time.That is all I can tell you.  I have hired editor I know Chris you don’t start a sentence with I . You don’t edit my blog so there haha.

My friends want me to do a book, a day in the life of Helen

Ok here is one from yesterday.

i am at my husbands grave,not plowed out so I thought I will just walk in. Not far off the rd.

Has anyone heard the phrase “one foot in the grave” well I climb over the snowback along the rd. The cemetery is right there. easy right .

Nothing is ever simple in Helen’s day. OMG Hence why friends want my life published,i climb over sexy boots on by the way,who says you can’t be sexy at 62 not this young thing (at heart that is ) I sink to my hip, like were did that come from, the nothing I stepped in.  My friendly neighbours drive right on by. Thank goodness my strong gardening legs got me up. I brush myself off, have my uggs in the trunk and I look over at Russell’s grave . It was like he is saying ok get  out of here and enjoy your life. I smiled to myself and off to town I went

Only one hour in my day they do get worse, then they get better It is always good for a laugh.


Update on Life Out there

This is for all my loyal readers I have having a blast with my story line. Life out there is going to publication so I won’t be able to add any more chapters to my blog. I can only publish something that has never been published before. These two chapters can be considered a preview and that is allowed.

If you want to know if Rad ever gets his memory back or if Jane falls in love. Or if Christy and cowboy Bob have quit the problems then in Dec of 2015 if printing goes well and I finished this it will be available on Amazon or me directly. I am trying to keep cost down so all my loyal readers can enjoy I am aiming at $15.00. But subject to change with and prices increases.    I can be. Reached as well other than my blog at.


i hope you can stand the wait as I am also excited to see what happens us writers sometimes have two endings and then decide on what her. Type of reader would enjoy will update here and let you all know the progress.

I hope I can have your continued support Thank you.   Neleh. Fraser. LIFE OUT THERE


I am doing a fundraiser for a 11year old with EDS google to read more it is Oct 4. So that being said it will be full steam ahead with Chapter 3 sorry for the delay❤️❤️❤️

Life out there. Chapter2 continued

Wess begins ” It was in Oct I remember , it was getting kinda cool here in Foxcreek”.  “Word in the town Spread quickly, Dell Donaldson, Missing presumed dead”.   “You gotta know Jane professor , stubborn, sweet youngen, great sence of humour,”  “Her and the younger lad Jordan, flew over to Quotar I think it was called.” “Dells company AOR used there own plane, as they wanted to help out, plus Dell was there on assignment”.  From the word around town, Jane refused to believe her Dell was dead ..” ” Until there was a body or some proof she didn’t even want to discuss death.” her boy Jordan let her have her beliefs, He was hoping his Mom was right.” actually we all hoped that.” Dell was a fine young man, Scottish you know , Wess says with a wink at Rad”. “Those two seemed just as in love as they were in highschool”. “Oh I am sure they had there squabbles , no one has a perfect marriage, Wess continues.  ” Janes lawyer wanted her to declare Dell legally dead.” ” Jane would not even think of that , until  she had proof , her man was alive.” ” That was hard on Jane, the insurance company had all sorts of nonsense theories.” Dell wanted to start over with a new life” They never said new woman, Jane new what they were a thinkan, ” also Dell and Jane planned this, Bessit Farms were in The red as they say,”. So Jane has waited  seven years.”  “Worked hard that youngan  did, cleaning at the Foxcreek elementary school.”  “So professor I  guess that may be why she told you he would be dead in three weeks.”   Rad fascinated with Wess’s version sat and thought about this..  7 years ago he himself had been hurt in that area. If only he could remember . Maybe he new this Dell Donaldson? That probably was a bit of a stretch , he didn’t even know where he worked, if he was there working, or what kind of a job he had. The only thing from his past was that piece of a luggage  tag or keychain. initials RAD.

“So Rad ” Wess asked “What brought you to these parts.”   “Well old timer ,I was looking for a teaching position, I had a PHD in  journalism, and my therapist in Germany suggested writing.” “This kind of therapy seemed to help amnesia patients to recall memories.”  I decided to see if I had the gift to have one of my. Books published”. And as they say Wess, the rest is history”.  “Still why Foxcreek” Wess asked. ” I just told you Wess I wanted a teaching position”. ” That makes no sence, a top selling author, coming to Foxcreek to teach”. You sure wouldn’t need the money, if your books were hitting that seller list.”  Wess scratches his head.  More too it professor”. “Can’t fool you can I old man”. Rad chuckles.

“Well when I was In ICU in Germany, they ran DNA on me.” I wasnt in the data base, which I guess was a good thing, I wasn’t a crimal or wanted for murder.” ” I however was disappointed they couldn’t narrow down who I might have been Wess” They also sent my piece of leather, with the intials to there lab”.  maybe finding out where it was made, or sold.”  Well Banff sold these to tourists, I guess they would do it while you wait”. The leather was manufactured in Calgary “. “so when this job came up, I thought I could maybe teach here, go to Banff on long weekends and Calary wasn’t far , so maybe see if that leather plant was still there.”   “Now that is starting to make some sence professor”. Wess looks at his watch and thinks he better get a moven.  “Don’t want to get Sally  perturbed if she don’t get her supper on time”.  ” Perturbed is that like disturbed Rad asks Wess?” that’s what I said professor, weren’t cha  listening “.  “Is that the Websters dictionary  or the Wess version,” Rad laughs. “Well instead of wanten to write my story young feller! maybe we could update  that Websters guys book “. “Good point Wess I will give that some thought.Rad actually thought that might be kind  of  fun.  “Sally I assume is a dog Wess, or is she your girlfriend”Rad laughs. “Hogwash professor, ain’t no girlfriend in my bed”, just Sally.

“Well think I will see if Stella has anymore of whatever Jane ordered”, that sure smelled good”. “See you at the corn roast  Saturday Wess” Rad  exclaims. ” For sure young feller , haven’t missed one in years”.

“Stella, what was that delicious aroma Jane had in her takeout”? Rad was starving, he got to talking to Wess and it slipped his mind,he had not eaten since lunch. “That is a new recipe , Quiche, will be on tomorrow’s menu”. “I am closing up , going to have a piece myself.”  “Want to join me, Stella asks Rad.”  “Sure that would be great.”  Rad replies.   Stella brings over the quiche and warms up Rads coffee. “Thanks Stella,  how long have you owned Stella’s Deli?”   “Little over three years, I needed something to put my energy in, I lost my Frank to can re, 4 years ago.”  “Hard time for me, he suffered terribly, as much as I would love him back with me, he is pain free now.” Stella cleared her throat, “So how do you like Foxcreek Rad?” Stella inquired.  “Great , especially my  new friend Wess” Rad smiles lovingly. “He has more info than the library ” Stella laughs. ” Funny you say that Stella, I went over to the library when I first came to town , just to get a feel for the history of Foxcreek.”  “Mrs Potts told me if I couldn’t find out everything I needed too know, look up old Wess, he would be found at Stella’s Coffee And Deli”.    “Yes he is a regular, Stella said to Rad. “Actually great for business , everyone loves to chat with Wess, and he always gets some sucker to buy”.  Rad laughs , taking a bite of the quiche, ” Oh my Stella, this is too dye four, marry me and cook for me Rad laughs”.   “I barely know you professor, except for what Jane told me about you being her professor”.  “She probably wouldn’t be my  first choice for a reference Stella,” I think she feels I am picking on her,I am  in a way.”She has the potential of a great author , and I like to keep her motivated, even if she dislikes me”.  “Gets her determined to show that teacher, at least I hope that is how she will react”.   “Thanks for the quiche it was great, reaching for his wallet, Stella says no the first ones on the house”. “Well see you Saturday I presume”. Rad asks “Save at dance for me ok Stella”. “Will if my dance cards not too full ” she laughs “see yah”

Jane checks her watch, Oh how did it get so late. Feeling very confident with Dells Scottish history research, and her story line, she tidied up her things. She better set the alarm, not that she ever overslept, she just didn’t want it to happen tomorrow . This was the most important day of her course. Starting her novel.

“Good morning everyone” Rad at his desk, looking rather enthusiastic himself. “Today will be the most important part of this course”.  “Your first chapter of the novel, each one of you will be unique”. ” I am looking forward to reading, each, and every one of them”.  “Some of you may already have your first chapter’s draft”.  “Maybe some only have there research ready”. This morning is about putting it all together”. “I am briefly going to give you the most important rules to go by”.  “You will be on your own , after lunch I will pick four to review with the class”. “The rest I will review over the weekend”.  “Rule #1.  Have your readers attention in this first Chapter, If you fail to captivate them at first, they will more than likely set your book down and not bother to even go to chapter 2”.

“Rule #2 if your book is fiction or Truth, Make the history and geography accurate. Some of you readers may have been to these places, you want them to feel  comfortable in there choice of your book”.  Rule # 3 Don’t bore the reader with too much detail, try to explain your ,characters , history , geography, as quickly as you can.” This is the hard part, to get the readers to love, or hate, the main character.”  “With these three rules! you should have no problem fitting this into place.”   “Start your chapter, enjoy it, just let your imagination take over.”   “I am here if you need me for questions, otherwise I will remain quiet while you take this first step.”   “Start your engines” Rad laughs.

Jane having her story line drafted, research, geography, ready, starts her novel. The Scottish history was fascinating, Jane wished she had paid more attention when Dell  would tell her about how the Bessit name came about! also how they were related to royalty? Jane felt bad now writing Dells heritage, she teased him, “Yeh and  I am the Queen of England ” Jane would laugh, she actually was ninety percent English ten percent Irish.   The Bissets originally controlled the land taken over by the Frasers. In the 17 century and 18 th centuries, the clan name MacGregors was outlawed, and members of the clan were forced to assume other surnames.When the bans were lifted some of the clan resumed forms of MacGregor– but not all. In some cases the name of the clan may be identical to the surname of another family, and be no etymological link between the surnames. Example : MacEwan employed by the Campbellls are not connected to the MacEwens of Otter. An old Gaelic saying reads:Frisealach am boll a mine(“the Frasers of the boll of meal”) That explains that some of the Name Fraser, are actually Bisset, which was changed to Bessit, with the clan name changes. this is were Dells family name Bessit  was formed.  Jane is enjoying this , when the buzzer for break rings. “Were did that 2 hrs go” Jane thought. ” Ok class, will finish up after break, whatever you have done by lunch is all the time for today, don’t worry if it is not finished, this is the base for the rest of the semester”.

Grabbing a coffee and muffin, Jane thinks she needs a smoke , outside she goes. as she is lighting up along comes Rad. “Great ” Jane thinks.  “So , are you enjoying writing Jane ” Rad ask as he too lights a smoke.  “I really am” says Jane . “I didn’t realize Dell’s heritage was so interesting, and I used to tease him” Jane smile fondly, remembering her husband.  “Rad” Jane says “can I ask you something” “Sure” Rad tells Jane” shoot”. ” Well I was wondering” Jane states ” if you have amnesia, how do you know you smoked, or did you just start this nasty habit”.  “Funny you should ask, your right, I had no clue I smoked.” When I was finally released from the German hospital, I was waiting for my ride, One of the cleaning men, were out on break.” “The smell immediately was familiar, I offered him a franc , and  I coughed a bit, and was a little dizzy,” I knew I must have been a smoker, why did I start up again, good question”.   “Just a warning Jane ” Rad says ” I am picking four  students first chapter after lunch.”  “Alphabetically , so no one will think I am picking on them” Rad winks at Jane. ” You happen to be number  four”. “Great” Jane replies. ” I guess I should have married Ben Young” Jane laughs.”He was a Scottish lad as well, he used to tease me in highschool” “Jane run away with me and leave that Dell Donaldson, Dell would be standing beside him, and say “she know the best Scotchman when she see’s him Ben”. “Of course Ben would laugh, and be on his way”.  “Thanks for the warning Rad, I will be ready for you” Jane turns , and back to class she goes.

Returning to her writing Jane thinks of old Wess. No wonder he always said “keep your good name Janey D our ancestors fought hard to keep it”.

Apparently the Scots were allowed  to change there surnames a total of three times,however a period of five years had to elapse between each successive name change, from The Lord Lyon King of Arms. Children under the age of sixteen were only allowed to change there name once. ” weird” Jane thinks.

Life out there. CHAPTER 2

“OK” Jane says “deal away I only have half an hour Bob”.   “I have to research and think of a subject  for my book. This professor is one hard nose.”   “Is that not what you want Jane” Bob asks, if he wasn’t how would you learn”.  “Actually Bob I think you might have a point”. “Ok ,”  ” what is this deal, you seem so excited about.” Jane takes a sip of her coffee, “I don’t have all night Bob”. Not his normal  confident self, Bob begins.  ” You know that North East section of Bessit farm I lease” “Yes” Jane replies. ” I  was wondering, if you would consider selling that to me”. “Stop right there Bob ” Jane cries, “That is Dell’s heritage, ” A part of his family for generations, I could never sell that, or would I want to.”  “It happens to be the best section of the farm”. ” you know that” “I realize that Jane” Bob trying to explain. ” I would pay well what it’s worth”.  “I know that  Bob” Jane replies. ” It just is not for sale”. “Dell and I worked hard to save this farm, and I am not parting with one piece of it”. ” Now if this is what you wanted to see me about, the answer is no”.  Bob looking disappointed, starts his plea.  “Jane Bob pleads,” ” This is more to do with Mandy” ” What about Mandy” Jane asks.   Jane missed Mandy as well. Mandy and Bob were highschool sweethearts, just like her and Dell, they were very much in love. Planning on  a marriage after prom.  One Sunday afternoon, Mandy and Bob were riding, Mandy’s horse got spooked . Why Bob never found out. Mandy was thrown from  her saddle. She was wearing a helmet, as Bob always insisted. Her head hit a rock, and helmet or not, it didn’t save her life. She had a brain bleed, as hard a the doctors tried to repair this she didn’t  survive. Bob swore he would never, ever, have a love like that. Furthermore, he never wanted a love like that again. He would rather live alone than to ever endure the pain, of  loosing someone he loved.

“I miss her too” Jane sadly informs Bob.  “But what has the North end of the farm have to do with Mandy” Jane asks.  “You realize that property is worth a fortune” Janes friend Pat had always told her that was prime Real Estate. Pat moved to Calgary and started her own business, A very successful one Jane smiled to herself. Campbell’s Real Estate, she had several agents , and a well established reputation. Pat was always honest with her clients. Always insisting they have inspections. What looked fancy on the surface could have major problems on  the inside. Cover ups to sell was a part of business. Jane always respected Pats advice. Always insisting, she could never sell. it would be like selling a piece of Dell. Jane would tease Pat. And say, “Don’t worry if I ever do you have the job! end of discussion”

Back from her thoughts Jane asks Bob again. “What is the connection”.  Bob nervously replies.  ” I would like to open a tourist attraction” ” Foxcreek is only 1 1/2 hors from Calgary, 6 from Banff.”  ” I was born here Bob” Jane replies “I know the geography. “Sorry Jane” Bob kinda snickers ” I didn’t mean you didn’t” “I am trying to explain my dream”   “Losegun and Raspberry Lake border that property, Maybe not as grand as Lake Louise , But pretty close” Bob proceeds ” if I had a Resort, riding club, and instructors, it could be a gold mine”.  ” I would feel Mandy didn’t die in vain, I would have safety as the primary class”.  “Sounds very nice Bob “, Jane replies. “let me give this some thought, maybe a tribute to both Dell and Mandy”

” I have to get going or I will never get this book researched” Jane informs Bob.

“Sounds good Jane , at least your keeping an open mind” Bob smiles.

Jane starting to leave meets Wess  Macgregor.  ” How’s she going Janey D” Old ”

Wes’s inquire’s. “Busy” Jane answers. ” I miss our visits Janey” Wess  informed her, “So do I Wess” Jane says as she gives him a hug. “Time for a quick coffee Janey” Wess asks.  Jane loved this sweet old man. He had helped her through a lot of lonely evenings, sitting in this coffee shop, pouring her broken heart out. Wess always had the answers. Everyone in town loved to visit with Wess. His knowledge of the old days, second to none. Some of his stories were so great, no one actually  new, or cared if they were true. All the community cared about was how interesting he made them.   “Well it will have to be fast Wess” Jane smiled.

“I think it’s your turn Janey, to buy, if I recollect I bought last time” Wess grins at Jane. “Yeh I fall for that ever time Wess ” Jane laughs.”ok grab a table old man, I will go get us a coffee”

“Suckered in again eh Jane” Stella laughs. ” “Has he ever bought his own coffee Stella.” how long now have you owned this Coffee Shop and Deli?”  “Three years Jane” Stella says ” No I don’t think he ever has” “Well it’s still cheaper than going to the movies, and I get to visit with Wess at the same time” Jane laughs. ” Do you have any Quiche left Stella?” “I know it’s late in the day for those to be left”. ” I need a takeout, I don’t even think I am going to have time, to even cook a frozen dinner” Jane exclaims. “Sorry Jane all out” I do have a couple new Quiche baking though”. “Trying a new recipe for the menu”. ” I will have it ready when your finished your coffee with Wess”. “Perfect” Jane says, picking up her and Wess’s  coffee she returns to the table.

“So old man, what’s been happening in Foxcreek?” Jane asks. ” I have been so busy with school I can’t keep up with the towns gossip” Jane grins at Wess. ” I don’t gossip Janey” “all my facts are correct, gossip is made up” Wess winks at Jane.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting, and talking to that new Rad guy”. Wess tells Jane. “Oh aren’t you lucky ” Jane laughs. “Now Janey, what’s that all about?” “Maybe another time Wess, I can’t stay long enough to tell you this visit.”

“He is my professor and a little hard on me” “Getting soft Janey”?.Wess asks. “No. Old man”. ” Just why say anything, that would just make it worse” Jane replies.  “Ok change of subject” Wess grins. “That Glen Gordon still sparkin yah Janey” Wess chuckles. ” Well if a once a week dinner, movie , kiss on the cheek, See yah later Jane , Then I guess he is” Jane laughs to Wess.

“Oh he is smitten Jane” Wess informs her. ” He dosnt want anything serious until your legally single”. “Is everyone in this town talking about that Wess”. Jane  frowns. “Well it is coming up to seven years Jane’, and “yes there are some talking.” ” How if you would have taken your lawyers advice, you would have had Dell pronounced, Legally dead years ago” Stubborn gal you are” insisting to wait the seven years! By chance he returned” “Well Janey, what three more weeks , you will have no choice” “You will be a rich lady, with all that interest on the insurance money you refused, seven years ago”

“I would much rather have Dell come through that door, Wess ” Running to me saying.”Jane they finally released me, Baby I’m back”  “I know Jane money is too over rated”. “Well you should be a rich man Wess, I have never seen your wallet come out.” “Whatever works Janey” Wess laughs.

“Well great chatting with you Wess”. ” Stella should have my order ready by now” Going to be a late night , I have to be well researched for tomorrow’s class”

” for sure ” Janes turns great Rad is standing behind her. ” Hey Wess I was hoping you would be here” Rad jokes ” My turn to buy the coffee isn’t it Rad smiles” ” Yep I think it is is Wess chuckles”. Grinning at Jane.  “Have fun you two” Jane smiles.

“Go ahead Rad” Jane says to Rad. “Stella has to get my takeout”

“Thanks Jane” Rad replies. “Usual for Wess Stella” ” Regular for me”

“So. Do you have a story line yet Jane” Rad enquiries. “Yes I do thanks to Wess”” “Well don’t write it about him” Rad says rather stern. ” I am thinking of asking him, if I can do my next book on him”. ” I smell another best seller for me.”  The Memories of Wess Macgregor.”

“You go right ahead, Wess gave me a Snippet Trigger earlier. Scottish Heritage”

My husband is Scottish , so he has lots of history on file at home ”

” I thought your husband was dead Jane” Rad frowns.  ” Not for three more weeks Jane informs him” “Excuse me” Rad asks.  “Long story Rad” Jane replies. “Ask Wess he has more time tonight than I do.

“Jane your order is ready” Stella hollers from the kitchen.

“See you tomorrow Jane”. Get a good nights rest” ” It is a critical assignment tomorrow.” ” It will set the creative juices flowing” Rad laughs.  He can be ok Jane thinks to herself. ” See yah then Rad” Jane answers.

” Kinda cute eh Jane ‘ Stella says in a whisper, as not to be overheard.  “Now Stella are you getting sparks” Jane laughs. “Maybe” Stella smiles.

Jane goes to pay, “No charge for this Jane, just let me know if I should add it to my menu”. “Well I have never ate or is it eaten ” Jane thinks .  “Anything of yours yet that isn’t too die for Stella”

“Ok enough, out of here , you have to make a good impression tomorrow.

“If I don’t talk to you before Saturday, I will pick you up around Noon for the Gordon’s Corn roast” “Sounds good Stella see yah Saturday,Bye.”

Rad sits down with Wess. “Wess Rad asks, why did Jane just tell me her husband isn’t dead for three more weeks?”   ” Oh it’s a sad one Professor ” Wess begins. “October 2 nd 2007 , I will never forget that one”.

More of Life out there


Jane remember’s going weak, her Dell Presumed dead. she could not seem to register what the officer was saying. Mrs Donaldson he kept saying. “Is there someone I can call for you” he asked. Jane screamed “Ineed my boys”. She handed him her cell “Brock & Jordan “in my contacts”  The officer had just started to look , when in rushed Brock and his wife Judy, Jordan and his girlfriend  Amy, also Jim the CEO of  Alberta oil and Research. Dell was a research analyst for AOR .  posted in Qotar up the coast from Kuwait. he had taken a 6 month assignment there, hoping to retire when he returned and try his luck at Running the Bisset homestead farm. Rushing to there Mother the boys just held her tight and let her sob.

Jane looks at Jim and wonders how “he heard so fast”  that question didn’t need to…

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